Filament Spool – Tips & Tricks Against Filament Tangles

When a spool is tangled, it may or may not disrupt a print. It depends on the spool and how far down it is tangled. What is suggested you do, is that you unwind about 10 meters of the filament off the spool. Try to find the tangled portion. Once you do, untangle the section, and spool it back together. Filaments can get tangled by manufacturing defects right at the factory. This happens many times and is always a guessing game when purchasing filament. Sometimes winding machines have errors and the end result can simply slip by quality control. However, there are always work-arounds!

Take a look at ALL3DP’s solutions on this subject: Filament Spool – Tips & Tricks Against Filament Tangles | All3DP

I recently had to do this to two spools. Worked perfectly. Key point for people starting off is never let go of the end of the filament, always secure it with tape or in the spool holes on the side so it doesn’t accidentally slip under another strand. It can happen so easily and you won’t notice till you are ten hours into a print and have a tangle that interrupts you print.

I also just recently started print with a 4kg spool for some big prints. extra peace of mind that i won’t run out. I printed out a spool holder with ball bearings to handle the extra heavy spool. so far it has been working great.

this was a fresh roll i received a while back from amz3d right after taking it out of the plastic(petg) !