Filament used as a functional element

I’ve seen filament used as hing pins, here’s my use as push/pull cables on Printables. Does anyone have any other ideas?

You could use up some scrap wire if it has a thick enough gauge. Ive seen some “galvanized” steel wire from the dollar store which could do the trick as well

Braided aircraft cable would be pretty flexible and is small in diameter. The type of cable used on garage doors for the handle to open it.

Or bicycle brake cable.

See, I totally read the OP as asking “what are other practical uses people have found for filament?”

And then all the replies are answering “what other things could be used for my push/pull cables?”

Now I’m really curious which question the OP was trying to ask.

Anyway, to answer what I think the question is: the only “practical use” I have for filament is guide pins for attaching two parts together properly.

Yeah, I meant “Use filament as a cable or something else in your design”… but whatever I guess.