Filament, wood, require advice

My wife would like me to print some handles for a bag that look like wood.

Looking for advice on setup (nozzle size) and filament.

I have a E3 V2 with direct drive, with a 0,4 nozzle

0.4 nozzle has worked fine for me with wood filaments.

perfect, thank you. Do you have a favorite filament?

If you live in or near enough to Winnipeg, I got mine at a 3d printing store called Alpha@play. They carry their own brand of filament by name of Fil@ment. I imagine it might be a rebrand of some other brand, no idea which though. I checked their website, and I couldn’t find the wood material that I have bought from them on there, so either they no longer offer it, or it is in store only. It has been over half a year since I have been there. Here’s a link to their website though.

Just curious as I have yet to consider wood based filaments, but are you looking to use those or print a wood grain texture, or even both?

The texture would have to be applied during the creation of the object I believe… hmm… now I wanna go try to figure that out… but weekend chores first. Gawd this hobby has soo many rabbit holes :wink:

Thank you, I pass through Wpg often.

I’m sorry you have to do that.

Our house brand Wood is very popular: Natural Wood - 1.75mm PLA Filament - 1 kg – 3D Printing Canada which is bamboo filled.

Also, SAKATA has both Maple and OAK:

Best of luck in your search

Hello there!

It seems that you have already gotten some help with finding out about the filament. There is one thing I would like to add as well, I’m not sure if you are aware of this but wood filament is somewhat abrasive. This means that over time it will wear away at your nozzle, you can prevent this from happening by getting a harder nozzle!

Something like this should be sufficient for your use!

Hope this helps!

Some tips for setting up nozzle size when printing with wood pla filament:
Use a nozzle size of at least 0.4mm. Wood PLA tends to have small particles in it that can clog smaller nozzles. A 0.4mm or 0.5mm nozzle is recommended.
Print at lower speeds, around 40-50mm/s. Wood PLA flows more slowly than regular PLA. Printing too fast can lead to grinding or skipping.
Print the first layer hotter, around 215C. This helps the wood pla filament adhere better to the bed. After the first layer you can reduce to 195-205C.

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