Files on my SD card are not appearing after I transferred them over to it

There are 2 possible reasons why this is happening!

If your printer has a touchscreen format, then reduce the name length of the file to under 10 characters.

If your printer does not have a touchscreen, then make sure your SD card is not a 32 GB or larger storage capacity. All printers (currently) cannot read a 32GB or larger storage capacity SD card.

Also, be certain that you haven’t accidentally formatted the SD card for something other than FAT32. Linux, Macintosh and (gag) Windows will read all manner of file formats seamlessly so it will look like the SD card is fine at the computer end (which it is) but the printer is a dumb beast and can only read the cards in Fat32 format.


I have a BTT SKR 1.4 Turbo and a new BTT TFT 35 touchscreen. I installed Marlin on the board before connecting it to my printer using the USB cable…no problem. Now it’s installed and connected to the printer and I made some changes in Marlin. I insert the micro-USB card (Fat32/4g) with the new .bin file but nothing happens? It doesn’t see the card. If I plug the card into the TFT or my laptop, the contents are visible? I’ve changed cards, reformatted to Fat32 but my SKR motherboard doesn’t see it? Any ideas are appreciated.

This happens to me when I switch cards. I just power off / on and the files appear. don’t know why.

Same here, quite annoying to have to power off the printer to read the sd card. Sometimes it works by removing the card and inserting it again … just a bother!

I made some changes to Marlin (bed size), compiled, placed the .bin file on the card, which still has the .cur on it, insert the microsd card into the MB, turn on the printer…nothing seems to happen? I check if my changes took effect…no change…this is very frustrating and should be more simple. Is there something in Marlin that has to be set to ensure the MB is reading from the microsd slot??

apparently, after formatting the card, you must make sure the file in in the root and nothing else on the card. Then the old turn off, insert card, turn on routine. Did you do all of this and still got no results?

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Make sure the file names are 10 characters or less AND don’t contain any unusual characters. I limit it to letters and numbers and I haven’t had the problem since.

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