Finally got ABS working

I had an idea for an item to sell (along with other things, of course) when I’m at craft sales.
“Jade” Buddha figures.
Never had much luck with ABS, but I finally found settings that work for me. The idea is this forest green ABS should look like jade when it’s vapour polished with acetone.
This is a test of the model I purchased. I scaled it to 60mm tall, and it turned out pretty good IMHO.
Now to figure out vapour polishing……
Anyone got any tips?

YouTube has info on vapour polishing.

I’d call him a little fat guy but if i open my shirt it could be there. SIGH.

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You and me both, brother. :wink:

me three :roll_eyes:

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Me 4. Be careful acetone is really flammable and acetone vapour is even more, and bad to breath.