Fire Safety Device

Just wanted to share this device i found, seems perfect to help increase safety when using 3d printers.

it was meant to be used for Microwaves, it will detect fire/smoke then kill power

that’s an awsome idea, Thanks for posting

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interesting idea. I am curious as fire suppression systems like automatic extinguishers if triggered will likely destroy the printer, that seems reasonable if there is a fire but a first line tool might save the issue in the first place!

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@SpaceMoose heyy heres a saftey idea :slight_smile:

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Love this idea! Thanks for sharing!


This is a great idea. but it could only be used on devices that won’t restart after a power failure. Most 3D printers won’t but some can. and things like filament dryers also. anything with a mechanical on/off switch that’s not magnetic for example

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wouldn’t you have to tell most machines to continue after power failure, I cannot think of one that would continue without user intervention

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I think so but it’s something you should know before you do something risky. The bTT add on backup power board has a restart function I’m pretty sure

interesting I did not know that, that’s almost a little scary. I would want intervention just to make sure everything is ready to continue

one of the complaints is the print comes off the bed if it cools down too much and people are working against having the heaters off