Firmware for Creality machines with BLTouch

I stumbled across a Facebook group not long ago where a gentleman named Nic has been creating his own version of the Marlin firmware specifically for Creality machines with BLTouch bed leveling. I got a version compiled for my CR10sPro v2 with a Micro Swiss direct drive & hotend and it’s been great!! The bed leveling now is an 81 point level (which doesn’t take long to do) but my prints are coming out fabulously without having to do more than a basic manual bed leveling. Might be worth checking out if you have a BLTouch machine.

The group is called “Nic’s Creality 3D Firmware & 3D Printing Support”.

I’ve actually been meaning to try that firmware out on my v3, I’ve heard nothing but good abouts Nic’s compiled firmware.

Good to hear to works well!
I’m going to try to flash it this weekend.

Yeah so far it’s working great! And from the chatter in the group he is actively working on fixing other Marlin bugs as well so it might be more robust than the stock Marlin FW.

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Did you give Nic’s firmware a try? So far it’s running great for me! I need to learn how to compile my own firmware from source on my Mac so that I can keep up with newer updates without having to beg someone to do it for me…

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I did! I liked it, everything seemed to be nice and smooth with it, but I didn’t run too many prints with it.
The auto bed levelling mesh seemed a bit overkill to me, but everything printed nicely.

I’m currently trying the TinyMachines firmware out, it’s gotta couple little features I like.

I haven’t settled on a single firmware yet, there are a few I liked!
Let me know if you compile your own, I’ll throw it on my machine to test too! I would love to compile my own, once I learn how to do it ahaha.

Sure I’ll let you know once I get that all figured out over here. I actually like the 81 point bed leveling… I’ve had beautiful prints with it and haven’t fiddled with my bed leveling once.

Just curious - what does the TM3D firmware have that Nic’s doesn’t?

I’m just too impatient for the 81 ahaha. I bet it gives amazing results though. 9 point is already too long for me.

My favorite so far is from TH3D, I really like its instant z-babystepping option. When your printing, you can press the knob in three times and it automatically brings up the z-babystepping menu.

It’s also got an option to disable the filament runout sensor, mine has been giving me issues and a menu option to cancel it out is just awesome.

It also let’s you name your printer, that’s a big one :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

There’s a few other little things, like e3d volcano support (an upgrade I was considering) and custom Estep settings.

I didn’t spend too much time digging in Nic’s, some of the newer versions may have this stuff.

I’m really just toying around with them all until I find a menu layout and feature set I really like. So far it looks like i’m going to have to compile a custom one eventually.

On my firmware for the B1 it probes the bed. Lots 2 times each spot. But once that mesh is stored it only probes 3 spots to line up and verify the mesh In memory is still good, make it much faster when starting a new print

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That sounds much faster in the long run! Verifying the old mesh sounds ideal for me and my impatience.

It also sounds like I’ll have to learn how to compile my own firmware sometime soon :upside_down_face::tada:

yes, also something I haven’t tried is there are save locations for more than one mesh. So I could say swap in a glass plate and load the mesh for it (or maybe it will find it itself) and it’s ready to go with no other set up.

Bonjour, peux-tu donner le lien pour ce fameux firmware car tout ceux que j’ai essayé ne fonctionne pas

C’est un groupe facebook. Vous devrez rejoindre le groupe pour obtenir le firmware. Le groupe s’appelle “Nic’s Creality 3D Firmware & 3D Printing Support”.

Désolé, mon français est horrible donc j’ai dû utiliser Google translate