Firmware Problems - Requesting Raspberry Pi Help

Hi, I’ve been trying to update my firmware via SD card but keep on getting black screen. I’ve spent way too much on new SD cards trying different things trying to get it to work, i just need a better way. so I’m wondering if someone nearby Hamilton (I’m willing to drop off) can help me by formatting my ender 3 v2 for bl touch. I don’t really have money right now but I’m willing to pay a bit as long as its cheaper then 3d printing Canadas outrageous prices.

You specifically mentioned the Raspberry Pi. Are you trying to upgrade the Pi or the printer? If it’s just the printer, what does the Pi have to do with it? Or are you trying to update the printer firmware VIA the Pi? In which case, that doesn’t involve SD cards. I’m really confused.

Yes that is odd the pi is different as far as I know no commercial kits use a pi as a main board.

If you are using a mac to do a firmware update find a PC it is faster and less frustrating.

im told that theres a way to update your fimware via Pi, I mentioned Sd Cards because thats supposidly the earsier way (just format a brand new sd card with the firmware name and ends in .bin) but it hasnt ever worked for the 5 months ive had this printer ive only used it for 2 cause the firmware never works. So i wat i was asking if someone could help reformat it via Pi and hopefully it would work better.

@Lamemenwalk why not just use a computer running prusa slicer it has a really simple firmware tool?

I have a Mac and it just will not connect but a PC did it took 5 mins.

i dont have a mac, also i dont use prusa

Prusa slicer is free and firmware updates with it are dead easy. Configuration menu Flash firmware find the firmware file and the port auto configures and hit flash It just sends the code to the board.

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I’ve only been able to get a straight USB connection from printer to computer to work for flashing firmware on my printers.

I’ve never been able to use the SD card method or through the Pi/Octoprint. I’ve tried, but they just didn’t work for me…

The easiest way I’ve done it is using the Creality slicer. Like @kitedemon mentioned, Prusa slicer should also be able to do it, I’ve even seen the option in Cura (but I haven’t tried it).

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Didn’t know prusa and cura could do this. Can you edit the firmware there too?