First day with prusa mini kit :D

Just excited to finally have a prusa machine and trying out petg. :smiley:

Nice setup, hows it working out?

So far the satin sheet is working wonderfully with pla and petg. The smooth sheet printed well for pla, the textured sheet though has had first layer adhesion issues but too soon to make a complaint about it.

Assembly was a bit finiky but to be expected with 3d printed parts. Overall it seems smaller than i was expecting, but i wouldnt say its too small for my needs. Overall not hard to assemble and get going, but not easy for someone with big hands. I do wish there was more room in the control box for wire management, but perhaps ill attempt that myself in the future.

Not sure if its worth the 15 week wait (for the kit), but defidently a solid printer for day 1. Quiet, good print quality and speed. I need to print a few more challenging pieces to better assess what it can and cant do.

For anyone looking at the satin sheets, defidently an improvement over printing on glass, and with both pla and petg printability im glad i nabbed one while i could.

Compared to my other printer, i do notice the steppers are a bit warm, but im not concerned about that at the moment.

The coup de grace on this deal was its signed by Josef Prusa.