First Layer Issues

I’ve been all over the place with this machine so far, and this is where I am now. Any suggestions as to what direction I should be heading are appreciated.

Rooted K1 Max/Orcaslicer/Duramic PLA/0.4mm nozzle @230⁰/speed: 50mm/retraction: 0.5mm @ 60mm second

My starting flow ratio is 0.99 and my line width was at 0.34mm. I am playing with my Z offset and flow rate on the Fluidd interface as I go with these.

The filament is dry.

The flow settings shown on the pic are relative to the starting point. Underside and top are shown respectively.

Usually when calibrating z offset and flow rate I won’t do both at the same time, it introduces way to much variation in results as you can see here.

I always start off with calibrating my e-steps (rotation distance in klipper), after that is done I move on to the z-offset calibration. Make sure that you are redoing your mesh leveling before you try your z-offset calibration.

After you are happy with your z-offset you can then move onto your flow rate. I am not super familiar with Orca but I do know that SuperSlicer has built in flow rate calibration tiles. This can help ease the process a little bit and can provide more accurate and repeatable results. Start with steps of 5% at first, decide which one looks the best and then make that change in the slicer, then do steps on 1%. Once you have decided which looks best once again reflect the change in the slicer and you should be ready to rock!

Thanks Matthew. I’ve sorted it out now, but your advice to recalibrating mesh before the z offset is new info for me. I’ll make sure to do that in the future.


What ended up being the issue? It might be useful to just throw it in here in case other people are having the same problem.


Of course! \its been a wild week, and my head is all over the place.
I started scrubbing the bed surface before every print with soap and water, and then wiping it with IPA. I had previously only used IPA every time, as that had worked for me on my other machines.

I then brought my first layer line width up to .56 and bumped my first layer height (on my current 0.28 layer profile) to 0.32. I did a flow calibration and found my flowrate to be solid, so I then calibrated my z offset and landed on 0.05

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Great thanks for the update!