First layer not sticking to bed

Morning Matthew
No matter what i do or try i can’t level my bed, i have a BL Touch, the maybe level but the first layer won’t stick to the bed no matter what temps i have the hotend or the bed. I’m losing the will to live …

Regards John

Hey John,

few things: is the bed clean? Depending on the bed acetone (cold surfaces!!!) or if it is removable washed with detergent (not soap) and chased with IPA.

Did you try glue stick?

Is the bed flat? BL touches are a ‘polish’ not a be all end all fix. If the bed is out of flat, you will have issues.

What type of bed is it. I have found the reality style printed glass sucks, they warp and the surface degrades. I would suggest something else.

Hey there,

Sorry to hear this, I have dealt with this in the past and it can be very frustrating for sure! Are you sure that you have the correct offset on your nozzle? If you have taken apart the hotend to replace the thermistor it’s possible that you could have adjusted the position of the hotend slightly. The other response is a good idea as well, what kind of bed do you have? Make sure that it is clean and fairly level to begin with!


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Just going to move this to a new thread for problem tracking.

@Fubz do you by any chance have a pic of what the first layer looks like?

It would confirm and tell us if its a z-offset issue.

I use the glass bed that came with mine and I did have a problem with adhesion but I started using glue and no more problem. Can be difficult to remove at times.

sorry for the late reply, i will get a pic up today for to look at, and thanks in advance


all this is just printing the xyz cube, i have printed things off before in the past but i have done something in the settings and i don’t know what it is

i use the stock bed, yeah glass and if you look on the reply i have sent to Jason, that was prinited on a clean slete and then on printer glue stick

Hi there,

This is definitely a z-offset issue, the bed is currently below where the printer thinks that it is. You will have to adjust the z-offset to lower the print head down onto the build plate. I have included a link to how to do this below.


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Well guys this is whar i got in the end

From this

To this

thanks guys for all your help, it is truly appreciated…

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I’m so glad this helped!

If you ever have anymore questions in the future please feel free to reach out again.

Happy printing!

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Thanks, @Matthew for jumping in here,

@Fubz Awsome job, glad you got it straightened out. Love the see the solutions successful.

The best way to deal with possible settings issues is to uninstall the slicer software and reinstall. This sets everything back to stock and always fixes my mistakes with settings.