First layer problem

ok guys what do you guys think I should be doing have done my esteps and its 138.60 also leveled my bed and here is a picture also did a first layer and its coming up like this pictures below…


Hey Extreme

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I’m having a little difficulty seeing a defect in the second pic? Are you having 1st layer issues? what machine is it on?

Jason H

Looks like it’s under-extruding. Maybe Z-height is off?
(I have my Z as close to zero as I can get, less than 0.04mm with a feeler gage, checked almost every time. My first layer is usually 0.35mm, 200% extrusion, only 0.1mm offset for PETG, and 0.15 for TPU)

Hey Jason i’m on a ender 3 v2 and here is a better picture

hey extremes

Thanks that’s much better, You are definitely too on the first layer,

Your extrusions are very round, they should be flat top and bottom and touching each other on the first layer.

Let me find an article I posted earlier about what to look for on the first layer.

here is one of them from all3dp