Fishing around for used printers

As the title suggests, i’m just keeping my eyes out for 3d printers for sale. Preferably under $200 at this time.

Id like to get something “useable” to gift to my nefew who’s 7 but really amazed with my current printer. That being said I bought a Silhouette Alta for $100 and it hasnt made a single good print yet.

I dont mind doing some fixing up.

I have a Snap Maker Original I can sell to you for $200 plus tax (since we are a retail store) Amazon sells them for $924.15 on prime:

This is a 3-in-1 3d printer, laser and cnc. Bed size is small but its only been used once for a quick print test and thats it.

Its pre-assembled and we can ship it for free Canada-wide.

If you’re interested let me know!

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@chris My roommate is really interested in that Snap Maker! What’s the best way for him to get in touch?

Assuming @Dr.Marvin doesn’t want it he can get it from me.

My direct email is chris AT


Id say pass it onto her roomate. :slight_smile: I appriciate the offer, but will pass on it at this moment.

To be frank, I don’t think many 7 year-olds have the patience and attention to detail needed to successfully 3D print. Yes, it’s great when everything works, but we all know it’s a finicky hobby.

That would be true, though hes already learning to do coding at his age. I figure if he has something that atleast can print a simple thing, itll spurr his interest to figure out tinkercad. If im wrong then its not much of a loss. Though the spare printer i do have i cant even get going, so i feel a bit bad giving him that.

My recommendation would be something like a LEGO Mindstorms set or a LEGO Boost set. I used to teach a lunchtime robotics class at my son’s middle school back when we were living in Toronto. In my case, I’d bring in pre-built LEGO models so everyone was working with the same hardware and then guide them through the coding process. I found robotics to be a better way to learn because the robot acts out every command you give it, but it does it slowly enough that you can see when and where you go wrong, as opposed to programming on and for a computer where everything happens in the blink of an eye.
These kids were in grades 6-8, b.t.w.

Roommate here, I’ve sent you an email.

Never underestimate kids abilities to focus.

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I agree, My 6 year old girl designs and prints her own TPU bracelets on my Wife’s Cetus printer, Doesn’t even have a heated bed but I can count on 1 hand the number of failures she has had on it

Some days I wish I had more success then my wife