Fishing lure wire channel getting filled in

Hey folks, i am having an issue where when i print a model the channel where a wire is supposed to run through is getting filled with material. A single part on my prusa prints fine. When i try to print multiple parts on my Troodon 400 the channel gets filled in. The layers start to cross the channel at 1.00mm. Whats happening is that the material is sinking into the channel and not bridging it, i have taken my temp from 205 to 190 to see if that helps. Anyone else have some insight into bringing or what ever you call this?

Hi there!

Looking at the picture one thing I notice is that your bottom layer looks a little to squished down, make sure that you have your z-offset adjusted properly and that your bottom layer is not squished down too much. Another thing you could try is to make sure your fan speed is up all the way, this would help with any bridges you have on your model. Finally, if none of those work I would try to turn my print speed down and see if that helps at all.

I have included a guide to getting the correct first layer height below If you would like it as a reference.