Flashforge Adventure 3 lite - bad printing on one side

So I didn’t used my printer for 1 month now, I want to print something with new filament (PLA) also with the right size 1.75mm and same temperature, but if I print he didn’t print accurate. I was testing to print something over night and it seems to print on one side very bad as u can see on the pictures.

Please give me some tipps I already cleaned everything up with compressed air and try to configure the hight over the menu of the printer but nothing seems to work very nice, so I set the printer back to factory settings and now it looks better but just on on side its bad as u can see.

Hi there, would you mind providing a bit more information?

More specifically I am interested in:

  • Printing temperature
  • Retraction distance
  • Printer model
  • Fan speeds

This will just help to track down what exactly is going wrong!