Flexable filaments?

What is the difference between TPU and flexible PLA. I know the physical difference are that the PLA is not as rubbery unless it is a thin print and thicker prints are like a harder rubber while TPU is what it is. So what is the difference between them? Just curious.

it’s not the same kind of plastic, it’s urethane and is more elastic. Also, my understanding is they can easily tune it to make different hardnesses and other properties like flex and stickiness easily so for example you can make the shoe sole, upper, grommets, and laces all from the same material just with specific properties for each part

So is the flexible PLA still PLA.

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Yes, I’m sure it is. bread with too much salt is still bread.

I have both. Flexable pla is really funny with wall thickness and infill. The more walls and denser the harder it is. The flex TPU I use is less effected that way.

The Flex pla is super easy to be perfect looking prints and is still gummy