FlightSim Covid 19

Well i thought I see it all, Even flightsim are dealing with Covid 19!!


Love it,

A Sim. that’s true to life, who’d figure?

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I thought this thread was going to be about making flight simulator controls :slight_smile:

Lol!! Ok here is my rig still work in progress!

STL? :heart_eyes: (darn, I have to meet a 20 character minimum)

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Way too many hobbies!! LOL
I always wanted to learn 3D printing and last year I finally broke down to get one plus get gear to do 3D designs so now as I’m learning I will be doing some stuff for my flight sim.
I did see some interesting designs in Thingiverse for flight sim so my brain is going 200mph!!
I’m also is involved in RC, Planes, Heli, Trucks, Boats and Drones so that also add to my time.
Adding to this I really wants to build a wood CNC cutting machine and this 3D printing and GCodes is helping me for that too.
Retirement is coming so I will need Hobbies!!