FLSUN V400 - Delta Printer

Hello everyone! Anyone planning to buy the new FLSUN V400 printer?

I am not very familiar with this brand but it sounds promising.

Another review by my friend, LostinTech, The FLSUN V400 is a direct drive delta 3d printer that runs KLIPPER out of the box! Review. - YouTube

I bought one of the V400 it is crazy fast. I so far am quite happy with it.

I have heard many good things about the V400, it seems to be a fast and reliable 3D printer! I have had many FLSUN products in the past and all of them have served me well. That being said I am not sure of your previous 3D printer experience, so the one main thing you may struggle with is the firmware of the printer.

These printers run Klipper out of the box, unlike marlin firmware (the standard on 3D printers for quite some time now), Klipper is controlled through your computer. The V400 does have a screen with some of the features accessible on it but the main interface you will want to use is on your computer. Personally I found the Klipper interface Mainsail used on the V400 to be very intuitive and easy to learn with lots of great features baked in! But I do know of some people who have struggled with trying to learn it.

TLDR; FLSUN has always been a reliable brand for me, the V400 seems like a good printer, but the firmware installed (Klipper), may have a little bit of a learning curve for some users.

Hope this helps, feel free to write back with any more questions!

The review is very inaccurate when it comes to describing Klipper in basically all areas. I could list them all but the person who wrote the narration doesn’t understand how Klipper and other components (ie Mainsail) on the system controller (the Linux box that looks kind of like the Sonic Pad) works and the operation of the Klipper firmware on the Robin Nano 2 is not described correctly as well.

There are other things in the video that are suspicious, like claiming the extruder motor is being driven by 2 Amps - 36mm motors like this usually are rated for 0.5A.

From everything I’ve heard about the FLSUN V400, it really is a good printer - this video, not so much.

I’m just putting that out there in case somebody is

The more I use the v400 the more I like it. I wish there were better slicer profiles but I have tuned one I like and am about to make variations on it.

some reviewers say no quality difference in speed 400 mm/s on V400 versus 100 mm/s;
i beg to differ, lot of detail is lost;
so i run my V400 at 200 mm/s with all sub-speeds at half of the printer profile default ( in Cura );
i do leave the travel speed at 400

the latest cura version HAS a v400 profile

Thanks for your input!

Have you made sure that things like your input shaping, flow calibration, and pressure advance are tuned correctly? These things can often make quite the difference when pushing such high speeds. You may also want to try turning your temperatures up and see how that affects the print quality.

Have a great day!