FLSUN V400 Delta

flsun is sending me three nozzles; their customer service was quite ok;
i just wish they had a full V400 accessories page
And that they send an extra nozzle as part of the original purchase package

That is quite odd that they don’t send an extra nozzle with the printer, most companies do.

Good to hear that their service is ok and that they sent you some extras, maybe you should recommend a page just for v400 accessories to them.


we get most of our purchases here in thailand from china, and they usually come with no or useless documentation; i bought this printer direct (online) from the manufacturer ( FLSUN) ;
here is a photo/image i hope you can help me with:
these came with the printer and i found out they are a heating rod (red) and thermistor;
what do i do with them ?
how to tell if one of them goes bad ? what behavior would i see ? just no heat ?
i presume they are under the heating plate …

Hey there,

Those will go on the hotend, you are correct that the red one is the heater and the white one is the thermistor. As far as I know those are just replacement parts and you won’t have to do anything with them.

If the thermistor were to go bad you would start to see very odd temperatures, like temperatures that are not physically possible for the printer to generate (these could be positive or negative temperatures too). The other thing that could and should happen in the case of a broken thermistor is that you will get errors when you try to heat it up (this can be caused by the heater too though).

If the heater cartridge breaks your printer will stop heating up, or it could start heating up as soon as you turn the printer on and not stop heating until you turn the printer off. A bad heater cartridge can also throw a thermal runaway error because the printer will be heating at an unexpected rate.

Hopefully that was helpful and made sense, if you have any more questions you can feel free to reach out!


i received my 3 extra nozzles from FLSUN directly;
note in the composite image the contrast between the nozzle they sent (rightmost insert image) and the more classic CHT (left) ;
FLSUN said they “make their own”, pity they dont have a more formalized supply channel ( accessories page); also note the extra long throat, more threads, supposedly ( per tom’s hardware review, that extra length aids in fast heating ( and it does heat fast))