For sale Formlabs Form 3

Hello everyone,
I am selling my Formlabs Form 3 which includes resin, built platform and resin tanks. I’m asking $2300 Canadian.

Here are the lot details:

  • Refurbished Form 3 - 3 months of wear (Value $2670)
  • 2x standard gray resin 1 liter - new unopened (Value $410)
  • 1x standard gray resin 1 liter - open, 3/4 full (Value $150)
  • 3x Resin Tank V2.1 (used but fully functional-Value $747)
  • Build Platform 2 (Value $314)

For delivery, I don’t know the amount yet, but I’m sure we can work it out :slight_smile:
You can reach me directly by email:

big thank you,
Rene Joyal
Joycraft Productions