Ford f250 using 3d printed scraps

Heres an article about how ford is useing 3d printing scraps for new parts. Theyre fuel line clips but its something :slight_smile:


What they didn’t know is that most Vehicle Manufacturers have been using Recycled Pellets for years!

Quite seldom that Plastic injection companies use Virgin Plastics, inless white coloured or Nylon(PA) parts

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I work for Toyota running the injection molding machine for the rav4 bumpers, they only recycle the bumpers that get scrapped before paint, after paint they are shipped out of house.

Right now there’s actually a shortage of the material that the bumpers are made of as the supplier is located in Texas :confounded:

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Are they still using an ABS blend? I use to Work at Tiercon (StoneyCreek) making parts for GMT800 and GMT900, Corvette headlight buckets, Oldsmobile Aurora/ Buick Intrigue

I honestly couldn’t tell you exactly but I’m pretty sure it’s abs