Ford Throws FITS at Customers, Releases Open-Source Files for 3D-Printing Maverick Accessories

The Ford Maverick and 3D printers are made for each other (and DIY owners).

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that’s awesome, finally one of the BIG3 have decided to let owners do some stuff on there own. Now think about different places to put the “fit” that you can get the most use out of it, Under the hood, in the box, in the doors, Endless I tell you where you could design and put useful items.

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My husband is thinking about getting a Maverick so he is interested to see what he can design for it!

looks like a neat vehicle. I have an older Escape that has similar, but different dovetails to make stuff like this for, I think they had envisioned all kinds of accessories to fit those and they didn’t really materialize.

I think its awesome that manufactures are starting to get it, and just try to make it a little easier for us. Heaven only knows repairing them are not getting any easier. May as well be able to upgrade it.