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Hi guy’s, just to let you know that I may help with T-Rex 3 and Troodon printer.

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@Morlau Hi I am considering a Troodon. You have used one can you offer any insight? How fast is it? What are the shortfalls?

Good day kitedemon,
Troodon is a good printer but 3d printing experience is mandatory. Unfortunatly, there is not much information from Formbot regarding printing operation and trouble shooting issues. As an exemple, I am still loocking to understand some of the color code on display after 6 months. Levelling process is easy, when changing extruder assembly, and must be followed step by step. Printing speed is related to filament type. Wifi work perfectly. You can visit Formbot web site and download documentation and you will see what I am taking about.
Other than that, I am still very satisfied of printing quality, printing with many types of filament (PLA, PETG, ASA, Wood, Nylon).

Hope that help !


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I looked over the manual, the menus look ov early complex. Thank you for your insights! I have been considering a Voron kit or Troodon. Thank You!

Hello Morlau, I just bought a troodon 400 and and am looking for some help in getting my first print down. the first mother and child figure printed perfect from the user sd card, but I haven’t been able to have any success yet from my own stl files off cura.

Good day JamesQ,

Can you give more information (pictures) concerning your failed print ?

Unfortunatly, I do not use Cura, I slice with Simplify 3D that work pretty good with my Troodon

You can learn Cura in details and others from

There are excellent video courses regarding every steps of 3d printing with different slicer.

Let me know about it…