Forums as an app

I have to say that I never cared for forums in general even though I ran one a while back for arcade machines but in an app format I really dig it. Great work!!

Thank you we use a platform called Discourse which uses modern styling and formatting.

You can grab an App for Android if its easier for you such as: or iPhone: ‎Discourse Hub on the App Store

I habe downloaded the discourse app but it just launches the website. Is there actually an app? If so where can i find it?

I got it when browsing the forum via a web browser on my Android phone.
It was a link at the top of the page that said open in app.

Interesting. I dont have that. And there doesn’t seem to be a place on the forum to find it.

funny, I really don’t want an app for most things that can be done on a website. I miss the functionality of a regular browser so I don’t see what the advantage is. I certainly see the effects though some websites are scaled-down simple with weird navigation needs I assume to suit the apps better.

For me its about convenient use. Imnalmost never at my computer but my phone is with me always

Very odd indeed, I cannot find it on Google play store nor does it load when go into app info and click to see info on google play… @Jason got any info on this?

@TLW3D I will have a look around and if I can find a link I will post it for everyone

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Agreed, it actually keeps me off facebook now…

OK found it, Let me try to type instructions, if need be I will post pics, let me know…

I use Android so I will have to steal my wife’s phone later and see if it’s the same thing.

  • The process I used to install is as follows:
  • open Chrome as your browser
  • navigate to
  • in your top toolbar click on the 3 vertical dots on the right side (of your browser, Not the menu within the site)
  • From the pop-up menu, it will say “install as an app”
  • Click on this and allow the permissions as you see fit
  • in a couple of short moments you will see a new icon appear on your screen as “3D Printing” with an icon of the rocket. ( I had to scroll right to the end of my very long list of apps to find it)
  • hold your finger on it as you will be given the option of “add to home screen”
  • You will know when you are in the app when you can click on the 3 vertical bars (left of your home button) and the open apps will show one app with the rocket icon.

Hope this helps, If you cannot get it going let me know and I will post pics
Jason H

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Worked perfectly thank you