Fun resin print models

I’m creating some fun models for a little magic forest setting in the woods for my grand daughter. When you are retired you have the excuse to just produce fun things. Both models printed on Creality 002H, a special thank you the artists who created them.
Owl by boris3dstudio on Thingiverse: Owl by boris3dstudio - Thingiverse
Dwarf Birdhouse by DiMarzio on Thingiverse: Dwarf Birdhouse by DiMarzio - Thingiverse


Very nice! We have the same resin printer, but I’ve never tried something that detailed, It looks awesome!

I agree nicely shocked at how simple this was. eyrone water based resin. No sanding, just a quick primer coat and then quick dry with a hair dryer, then a coat of silver metallic and another quick dry with hair dryer to cause the paint to flash dry quickly.
Then a very light coat of gold mirror effect. Rustolium rattle cans. Painting and finishing took about 5 minutes.
I might do a little airbrush work, so they look old, but these are just to go into the woods, for my granddaughter to find on our walk.
I have a 12 hour print running for a lovely old looking bird house, so fingers crossed this will also come out.

It came out perfect, the full height of the 002H, so pleased with the result. Very, very pleased with the printer now…

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Well you’ve got a great finish for a nice simple rattle can post process! I’m impressed.

I’ve been meaning to print a birdhouse (probably using FDM machine) to add to my balcony, I’d love to see how’s yours comes out.

I have being trying to figure out chrome and gold with proper spray gun and airbrush. Never been totally happy. Then this morning I tried the metallic silver and the light gold mirror coat and was shocked at the result. A pure accident… the gold was sprayed over the silver metallic when still sticky…

Another two models printed using the total size & height of 002H

I have resin printed a Star Wars chess set, which I wanted gold and silver. Now have a solution…

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How old is your grand daughter? My wife works in a daycare in Paris. I print stuff for her to bring in. If it’s a similar age group, I could recommend some that were a hit with her kids.

Hi LegoManiac. Juliet is almost 4 years old. Just printed and painted a Vampirina her favorite carton character. Please send me anything you think she might like. When they are here we tend to print something on a night and see what the magic robot has produced next morning…

That’s my wife’s age group.

Keep in mind that I print these for the daycare on an Ender 5Pro, so they may be too large for your resin printer. These are in no particular order:

Paint and Play-Dough stamps:

Shape sorter:

Can be scaled for a doll house:

Drawing stencils:

These are for resin printers. I haven’t printed too many of them. I don’t know what “NT” means but on, search for NT animals, NT insects, NT dinosaurs, NT fishes.

This was part of set of farm-themed things that I printed to go with the then theme-of-the-month. This never actually ended up at the daycare because I could never get the corresponding horse to print reliably. The legs kept breaking off. You may have more luck with a resin printer.

Aaaand the corresponding troublesome horse:

The rest of the farm set:

One of my personal favourites; the super-flexible octopus:

On Thingiverse, search for “Flexi”. There are a tonne of flexible animals. Kids seem to like the feel of the articulations.

I haven’t actually printed this unicorn as they were trying to stick with a “real” animal theme, but hey, it’s a unicorn. It has to be a hit with girls. My daughter would have begged for one when she was that age.

For the bunny fans:

On thingiverse, if you search for “cereal box house” you’ll find a number of windows/doors/porches, etc. that are meant to be attached to a cereal box to turn it into a house. Unfortunately, while the girls in the daycare liked it, there are a couple of kids that are very rough who kept wrecking the boxes, so these don’t get used any more.

I haven’t actually made this yet, but it looks interesting:

These were apparently fun for a while until the aforementioned rough kids broke them

If you search for “Automata” you can find a number of mechanical toys. So far, this is the only one I’ve printed for the daycare, but apparently the kids were fascinated with it. Because of previously mentioned kids, this was a teacher-only toy, but if your grand daughter is well behaved, she should be able to operate it without supervision.
Thingiverse: Polar Bear with Seal (automata) by amaochan - Thingiverse

Lastly, there are the puzzles. These are a HUGE hit, apparently.

I’m printing the sixth one of these at the moment. It’s a 3D puzzle that my wife was initially concerned was too complicated, but a number of the pre-schoolers took to it like a fish to water. When the parts are in the right place, they are held together by 3mm magnets:

For this last one, I didn’t bother with the egg as I felt the pieces were too small and would be a choking hazard. The rest of them were a huge hit. I ended up making dedicated boxes for them.

There are, of course, tonnes of other toys, but these are the ones that have been daycare-tested.

Wow, thank you so much. Juliet is coming for a week, so we can have lots of fun together, keep the robots busy…

Printed and painted 4 more models for the magic forest project. Photographs above
Links to the models. A special thank you to the artists.

Our magic Forest setting for our grand daughter
MagicForrest-Models (12 of 9) MagicForrest-Models (13 of 9) MagicForrest-Models (14 of 9) MagicForrest-Models (15 of 9) MagicForrest-Models (16 of 9) MagicForrest-Models (17 of 9) MagicForrest-Models (18 of 9) MagicForrest-Models (19 of 9) MagicForrest-Models (20 of 9)