Functional print - CR10s Pro (V1/V2) side spool setup

So I was noticing some ghosting artifacts in my prints and during my testing I saw that there was a lot of wobble introduced by having the full spools on the top of my frame. So I decided to find another way to hold the spool. I would have just done an external spool holder but my current setup makes that tricky just from a logistics perspective so I figured a side spool holder would be best. I found a side mount, a remix of a spool holder with bearings, and a side spool filament feeder on Thingiverse and a short time later I was off to the races!

If interested here are the Thingiverse links to the STLs I used:

CR-10s Pro Side Spool Front to Back Mount by jsullything - Thingiverse
Creality (Ender 3) Filament holder 80mm spools by mjoaris - Thingiverse
Note: You need to print only the roller and the nut from the above and then print the holder below:
Roller Holder Rotated Clipped by efelton - Thingiverse
CR-10s Pro Filament Guide for Side Spool by jsullything - Thingiverse
Cr 10 S PRO filament roller guide 608 bearing by L3D_Help_Guide - Thingiverse
Note: You only need the bearing wheel from the above. I had to print it slightly larger to fit my 608 bearing.

I adjusted the orientation in Cura for both the mount and the filament guide to minimize supports. I also found that the t-nuts I had were too large to fit the slots in the mount so I had to modify it slightly in Meshmixer to increase the size of the holes. If anyone wants that I can always upload it (or send it to TV as a remix).


I did something similar on my Artillery X1. Nice Job!

Ive never been a fan of top mounted filament holders. That being said i havent noticed ghosting on my creality yet.

I like your setup though and might consider it for my next print.

On mine (The photo is lost its on one of the many computers around the house.) it isn’t supported by the printer but the supports that support the gantry. The overhead position is great as it has a simple path and is less prone to jams. That much weight hanging off the printer creates your issue vibrations. With it off the framing it doesn’t seem (so far) to effect ringing (held off or not) and is still in a good spot for the filament. Sooner or later I will enclose that X1 then it can sit on top of the enclosure. IMO this is the best place for it!

That’s actually exactly my future plan. As soon as I can find a good enclosure solution I will be building one and the spool holder will be above the printer. But for now this seems to be working well.

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It is mine too. The X1 is so large it is a big enclosure. I am not sure I will keep it. Such a problem child. I have been looking and thinking hard on a Voron or Ratrig Corexy. Then the ‘enclosure’ is part of the printer.

Yeah I’ve been struggling to find the right setup for my Pro V2 as well. Once I figure that out I’ll be good to go…

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