Furniture for enclosures

Relating to the fire protection stuff. In aviation we use little pressurized fire bottles that have little ends with some simple solder on them. So when there is a fire the end melts and out goes the fire.

Im trying to look for such a device thats also cost effective, for both your needs and mine ill update you if i find something. Im aiming at $60 or less.

I would also suggest a combo smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector for that room, or cabinet. Its a cheap, and easy to find saftey solution.

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I have seen a few automatic fire extinguishers but none near 60$. Mostly over 100$.

Yeah I’ll definitely put a smoke detector in there. I’m also thinking maybe I’ll add some aluminum flashing to the interior for some fire protection. I can’t imagine the ikea particle board is particularly resistant. But I’d definitely sleep better at night with an automated fire suppression solution that doesn’t include an explosive ball.


A few years ago, the insulation in our old pool heater crumbled and collapsed onto the burners. I replaced it with this. It’s rated at 2400F and can be cut to size (and also cut thinner). If you ever see a photo of my Ender5Pro, there’s a left over piece stuffed under the bed. Look up “Ceramic Fibre Insulation” for various sized sheets. Put it on the inside of the metal sheets and you can literally make a furnace out of it.

Ooops. Thanks @SpaceMoose

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I think I know what you mean but did you intend to attach something when you said “I replaced it with this”?

In any event I did a quick search and figure that I could probably protect the interior of the whole printer compartment with about 6 sheets of this:

Is that what you were going for? I’d imagine this would also act as sound dampening and thermal insulation. I’d just need to figure out a way to regulate the internal temperature so it doesn’t get too hot when printing PLA but gets as warm as i need it for things like TPU.

I use this to control the heat around ny control board.

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I have it wired to a dc-dc buck converter which saps power from the power in to the control board. And i use a 120mm fan. Though you could use multiple fans.

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How do you set the temperature? Do you use Octoprint to control it or manually set somehow? And that looks to me like it’d be good for venting to keep the temp low enough but do you have an additional heat source when you need your chamber to be warmer? Also what are you using for fumes & VOC filtration?

I dont have a need for fumes or heat in my setup as its just to keep the control board cool. More as a just cause i can sort of thing than a needed thing.

To control the temp it comes with a thermister bulb and the temp os manually set with a combination of the switches, ill have to get back to you for what temps are the options, though its keeping a pla box from warping.

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To deal with funes id just print a cover that mounts to the fan and look for some stock sort of charcoal filter.

But to manage proper climate control, im not yrt expierenced rnpugh to make suggestions. Id guess a rasberry pi would be a good controller.

Thinking about it, although i havent written my own firmware for the cr10spro yet, i wonder if you could get the board to watch the temp.

If it was most other printers id suggest going with a new board so it could all be intigrated, but that ribbon cable steers me away from that idea.

So id say this fan controller is a cheap/easy fume and cooling idea, but for climate control id lean towards a rasberry pi.

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So would this work for a full chamber temperature control or just a small area for electronics? Probably going to need to deal with both at some point, though I could also just make some ducts that go to the interior of the machine for cooling that part…

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Yeah… I’ve been looking at a few different ideas for dealing with fumes. Not sure which way I’ll go yet. I think the order of operations here will be something like this:

  1. Line the cabinet for heat retention and fire suppression
    1a. find some kind of automated extinguisher just in case. Add smoke detector.
  2. Determine a way to make sure the chamber doesn’t get too hot (for printing PLA)
  3. Determine a way to keep the electronics cool
  4. Determine a way to deal with fumes/VOCs
  5. Determine a way to consistently heat the chamber for filaments that need it.

Boy this will really be quite the thing by the time I’m done with it LOL

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When i get home ill send a video or picture of my setup. Its noy nessisarily done up how your looking for, byt can be set up as you need. Itll make sense when you see it.

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Sounds good. I’m still not completely sure how I’ll go about making this happen but it’ll come together eventually