Furniture for enclosures

So my wife wants me to find a cabinet or something to put the 3D printer in rather than building something from scratch. She wants it to “blend in” with the office. Has anyone found anything that a CR10s Pro will fit into from IKEA or anything?

Good question. I suppose much depends on what the rest of the office consists of.

If you can’t find a good physical fit, you could still make your own cabinet using parts from Ikea (glass doors with hinges from one product, panels from another, etc.)

On this note, way back when, in the old house, we remodelled the kitchen with Ikea cabinets. You do that by buying a generic cabinet (fully enclosed, sans door), and then get the look you want by adding external panels (I’m not referring to the doors) in the finish you want. Those cabinets come sized to fit the cabinets, but they are basically pieces of particle board (like most Ikea furniture) with a laminated finish. I think we went with an Oak laminate, but there’s pine, various colours of melamine and others I can’t remember right now.

In our case, we had an oddly shaped kitchen that required me to make a corner shelving unit, for an outside corner. They don’t sell stuff like that, so I ended up making the cabinet/shelving unit out of Ikea kitchen cabinet end panels. I just bought the largest panels they had and cut them to size. Hence, I had a custom cabinet but made with parts that exactly matched the reset of the Ikea kitchen.

I suggest it because it may be a way for you both to get what you want.

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Yeah I’m going to have to go and wander around Ikea and see what I can see. I did some cursory searching and although I found a few things (armoires and the like) that might work they’re either too large or have interior dimensions just a hair too small. I was just hoping someone had already done this so I could ride the coattails so to speak and not have to spend a bunch of time searching. I also don’t want to spend a huge amount on this either.

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I didn’t use furniture but did use the cheap table tops to construct an enclosure.

I’m now thinking I’ll grab this one if it ever comes back in stock (I swear everything I want from that stupid store is out of stock…)


Story of everything, out of stock, drop shipped, not available. My whole work life now is searching for in stock items.

Ain’t it the truth? Wonder how long it will take before supply chains are back to “normal”?

The part of me that tries to be reasonable thinks that maybe a year after covid is truly under control.

The part that is a frustrated crazy person thinks never it is so far behind the infrastructure will never catch up.

I have things on back order for work since March 2020 and still on back order, nothing exotic either just some ordinary things that are in short supply

Yeah I don’t know what will ultimately get things back to normal. Certainly not until we stop providing disincentives to work in the form of covid relief payments. But it goes farther than that - with materials and components being made in second and third world countries that barely have any vaccines yet it’ll be a while before their workforce is back to full strength.

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Sad but true. Add back logs in ports and distribution centres the issue compounds.

Well the wardrobe came in and I grabbed it. Will put it together and report on how well it works for an enclosure (fingers crossed). For just over $100 it might be the new Lack.

I guess there’s no Lack of enclosure ideas? Sorry. Dad jokes. I can’t help it.

Okay!!! We have success. For an all-in cost of $130 CDN we have ourselves an enclosure large enough to fit a CR10s Pro V2:

I will have to play around with it a little to figure out the best solution for the ribbon cable travel and I’ll have to do a bunch of testing to see if I need to add bracing or anything to get rid of wobble but I think this will work nicely. I’m going to get one or two more shelves for it and will need to do some thinking about how I want to deal with filament feeding as well as storage and then will need to do some temperature tests to see if I need to add fans and whatnot but at the end of the day it fits the larger printer (yes the print bed is unencumbered front and back). Seems like a winner to me (and a simple and inexpensive winner to boot).

Happy to get any suggestions on where to take it from here!

To eliminate any wobble, you might want to screw it into a stud in each wall through a piece of wood equal in thickness to the baseboard. That should make it rock solid. You might also want to keep in mind that Ikea sells glass doors too which would allow you to check the print progress if you haven’t got a camera attached.

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I had the same thought. Once I know where I want to put it I was thinking I’d use the mounting kit to screw it into the studs. I have a camera connected to my rPi so I’m good there.

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nice idea, I never though about using the bigger ikea furniture as an enclosure. I have seen the Lac table idea for the enders but that’s on a bigger scale.

My biggest problem in my basement is I am completely out of horizontal desk space. I was discussing it with my wife yesterday, and now we are looking at doing some electrical upgrades and going vertical with the wire style racking. (Huskey) from depot. Problem is those things are almost $300 a pop… WTF, Pre pandemic I bought 6 sets of them for the garage at $189 on special. frustrating…


Wow that’s crazy expensive! For just over $100 this cabinet seems to be a great solution. One thing that is annoying is that it only comes with one shelf that is screwed in (presumably for structural integrity). whereas it’s good from the point that it will hold more weight than the little plastic shelf brackets you can’t really move it. Plus you have to purchase additional shelves separately (which is especially annoying when they go out of stock). Aside from that I think it’ll work well.

It JUST fits a cr10s pro V2 so I’m going to have to print a ribbon cable chain that redirects it backwards rather than to the side so it doesn’t get caught against the door. I will also have to figure out how I want to add some measure of fire protection and temperature control. Even though I print PLA most of the time I still want to be able to print with the doors closed for noise reduction and overnight printing peace of mind so I’ll need to figure out how to make sure the chamber doesn’t get too hot. BUT I’m also going to want to start printing other filaments like TPU so I’ll have to be able to have the chamber get good and warm. So still lots to figure out.

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ya its a little gross how much some stuff as gone up, Shipping prices are crazy

It’s insane! My Prime membership has paid for itself 5 time over already…