FYI Latest Prusa Slicer

Video on the latest Prusa slicer How to control EVERY setting using Prusa Slicer 2.4.1 - YouTube

I like his videos and didnt realise how to use the variable print settings per object till i saw this.

Yes, he is very good & was a great help in getting me from knowing “about” 3d printing to actually being able to print some useful mechanical parts.
BTW thanks for the offer of filament… scaling to 95% got the job done with the “sample” length of pink that I already had. After all real Unicorns came in different sizes, didn’t they ? :wink:
We’ll see how she likes it on Sunday


Very interesting - I’ll have to look at Prusaslicer.

Thank you!

When I first tried it I found it cumbersome, but that was because it was just different in the user interface

I don’t remember the last time I opened Cura. I have been using prusa slicer for ages. I really love Angus’ videos he is the right combination of entertaining and informative.

I’m just learning how to 3D print and slice files - and I have to say, I prefer Prusaslicer - so much nicer!

I still like both cura and prusaslicer. Prusaslicer for its preset prusa printer profiles, and neat tools. While i much prefer the tree support on cura and im more familiar with its settings.

nice video, @Ted007 thanks for sharing. I personally know I underestimate the power of PRUSA slicer, a lot of our customers here use Cura so generally will use it to keep up with new settings and changes.

I expect the next revision / release of Cura will be competitive.
BTW I prefer Cura but would like to see them add 2 way communication with the printer like Repetier has, so it is easier to check & change firmware settings.

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