G-code design in parts by slic3r

Hi all I have the following question about G-code design by slic3r when having at least two parts in the printing model.

Like shown in the picture below, I have two parts in the printing model, in which the ‘vascular’ part is assigned to extruder 1 and ‘parenchymal’ part is assigned to extruder 3.

Now I want to further explore the following options for generating the G-code;

  1. Extruder 1 (E1) and extruder 3(E3) using two different infill pattern, and potentially different infill density? Can this be achieved? If so, how to achieve?
  2. Always start the extruder 3 first, followed by extruder 1 when printing each layer. So far the autogenerated code goes to extruder 1 first, followed by extruder 3, then following next layer is extruder 3, followed by extruder 1 (to minimize the extruder exchange).
    Essentially the autogenerated code goes
    E1 (layer 1) - E3 (layer 1) - E3 (layer 2) - E1 (layer 2) - E1 (layer 3) - E3 (layer 3) - E3 (layer 4) - …
    What I wanted
    E3 (layer 1) - E1 (layer 1) - E3 (layer 2) - E1 (layer 2) - E3 (layer 3) - E1 (layer 3) - E3 (layer 4) - …

Thank you so much for the help in advance!!

HI @Tg37

Welcome to the forum, Glad to see you here. I like the question you are posing here.

I have noticed that on my slices that they do slice the way you have described. I cannot think of a way you would be able to modify it to see the output you are looking for.

If its possible someone here would have seen it I am sure.

Hi Jason. Thank you very much for helping me up this post. I appreciate. Currently I still could not find the solution and generally I am doing everything manual. This means to generate the G-code by Slic3r first and subsequently, edit the code by myself, which could be extremely tedious and labor-intensive. :smiling_face_with_tear:

In case someone find this could be achieved by other slicing software, please feel free to suggest. I am pretty used to Slic3r indeed but I am happy to learn new software too. Thank you so much in advance.

for sure, everyone on the forum will see this post and if anyone has any suggestions please feel free to jump in.