G-Code & SD Card Help

hey everyone
so recently started having an issue with the dongle/sd card. for some reason during the prints the entire printer will freeze - ive tried reslicing, reinstalling cura, multiple prints… what ive noticed is when i try to slice it to the sd card the slice downloading is only a quarter and then it stops.
should i replace my sd card? i was told not to go over 16g - now if i use a new sd card will it get the necassary information needed from the dongle?? like not sure what all the files and stuff are on the stock sd card.
thank you all guys and gals
stay safe

I’m pretty sure anything on the SD card is just reference material. If there’s firmware on there it’s likely outdated anyway. go ahead and try another SD card. What is the dongle? is your printer printing from a USB port with an SD card reader plugged in? What kind of printer do you have?

the dongle is the little plug in for the laptop that i insert the sd card to in order to transfer the files - ok so its not firmware or anything important thats a relief

There might be firmware on it if it’s the giveaway card that came with the printer, but usually it’s loaded into the printer when it boots and the file is of no use after that. and like I said, firmware is likely outdated before you even got the printer.

The dongle might also cause corrupt files too so don’t throw anything out until your sure one of them is bad. I’ve had more bad readers over the years than bad cards cards but SD are kind of new for me.

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