Geezer from (near) Barrie Ont

Really new to 3D printing having just bought a BiQu B1 2 weeks ago. Thanks to Jason for his excellent video on setting it up … great help.

I’m retired (82 yo) but still love tech stuff having had a career in mainframe computers. I hand make model racing cars, boats and steam engines but recently decided to try printing some parts for a new locomotive. Taught myself Fusion, designed all the parts and have now printed almost all of it.

Have lots of questions but I’ll read what’s here first. Glad to have found this site.



Welcome Frank, I’m Alex. I work in a university and am a tinkerer, dreamer and general fool.

Welcome to the forum Frank! Glad to have you :slight_smile:

Greetings and welcome.

I’m the P.O.A. for an 86 year old neighbour, my wife is P.O.A. for her 85yo father. We’ve both spent most of the last 20 years volunteering in retirement homes and long term care facilities. I know more 80+ people than I do people my own age (55). God I wish I could give most of those people half of your motiviation.
I officially declare you Awesome!


Thanks for the welcome chaps … but go easy on the awesome stuff! FWIW we look after a 99 y.o. neighbour who still lives on her own and I tell her she’s my motivation to keep going.

55 huh? Oh to be 55 again as that was the age I retired from IT, sold our house and sailed our 37’ sailboat to the Caribbean where we lived aboard for 4 years. Hardly remember it now!