Gender politics

Hello everybody. In a different thread gender politics came up. I am curious what this very diverse community thinks of an encounter I had a few weeks ago.

I work in a very open place, lgbtqia2s+ friendly and I have been there for almost 30 years. It has skewed my touch with a broader audience. We speak of diversity at my work but often have a single view point and cannot see past it.

A few weeks ago I was walking with a friend. We encountered an intellect I have know for many years, 15, I think. I recognized the trappings of the life they choose and greeted in the preferred way, a pet on the shoulder and a turn of a cheek. I was greeted back with a cheek to cheek rub and a purr. The conversation was fairly common but my walking partner was horrified by the greeting.

Covid and what the heck was that. I said they chose to identify as a cat. The ears they wore, collar and I would assume the teeth were in too symbolized the ‘change’. My walking partner and I had a lively debate if that was valid. I never really understood her point that you cannot identify as an animal. I never gave a consideration to covid.

I thought He/him/ she/ her/ They/ them and other was all encompassing.

What do you all think?

now you did it… we have to make up a word for non-human He/him/ she/ her/ They/ them … there isn’t one in English apparently

It. the word is there. It is hard to avoid person. I’m ok with all of it. How a person chooses to identify has no bearing upon me so I have no opinion upon it. My walking partner accepts all of the various gender things but not IT.

I don’t see the difference really. I wonder if it is equality or equity type thing.

Your only as equal as other let you be.

In this world it might be better/safer to not draw attention to ones self if you don’t follow the norm. There is no shortage of non-tolerant people around.

Can’t change the world by hiding. For some thats the thing.

This is the human race we are talking about. It hasn’t changed or gotten better in thousands of years so don’t expect to much.

Same old people, same old crap.

I think things for large portions of the western population have gotten substantially better these last 30 years and will improve again in the coming generations.

Everyone has an opinion. That is just a fact of life.
However, it is not right for anyone to try to force there opinion on anyone else.
I drive a GMC truck, you may drive a ford or dodge. Sure, I will joke with you about it, but it is not up to me how you should feel about your truck.
We can all get along if we stop this “politically correct” thing and start understanding everyone is different.
Oh, and stop being offended by everything. Accept your life. It is the only one that YOU have.

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Have you heard about the crap in the southern United States. Being different down there can be bad, driving the wrong truck can get you killed.

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Yes if course. I traveled the US a lot and will start again this summer. But you don’t have to go that far to find bad people. I think there are fewer and fewer of them as time goes on. When I first visited the south (and other places) in the 80s these kinds of people were also in the bigger cities, they were largely ignored. Nowadays they are fewer and more remote but noisier, for now. People with that kind of hate used to hold it close to the vest but recently they feel more free to express it and I think society will deal with it.

Aside from personally messing up pronouns too often I’m for whatever floats your boat. It that means wearing ears, or a tail or teeth or whatever, enjoy! I’d rather people express themselves than have to hide in the shadows because it’s not “normal” or it’s “weird”

As for the stuff happening in the southern US there’s no accounting for everyone but I do think that in general things are getting much better. The newer generations are much more accepting of things that are not “the norm” … in fact I’m pretty sure that they finally realize that “normal” and “weird” are just made-up things that you can’t use to compare one person to another, or at best a mathematical description of averages or exclusions and shouldn’t affect our day-to-day lives as much as society deems it to be so. It’s the same with being big/small/tall/fat/thin/hairy/bald/whatever. it just “is” and you roll with it.


When I look at the world I see it the way it appears to me not the way I think it should be. I guess you guys look at thing differently. You must see the glass half filled with hope, I see it half filled with despair, misery and the crap from the sewage treatment farm.

Well, how you look at the world really is a choice isn’t it? You will find whatever it is you’re looking for

A cat? Well that’s one I’ve never encountered before…

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And folks wonder why I have withdrawn from and avoid society to the greatest extent possible. :man_facepalming:

Cat? Did I miss something?

Not really. I’m a realist I see it as it is. War, covid, unceasing greed, corrupt megalomaniac politicians, easily duped extremist fanatical followers and all the intolerance spoken of above. That’s just a few of the thing wrong with the human race. The “improvements” that some have mentioned are just a facade on the stain of humanity. What I see is my burden to bare, don’t go looking for it the price is to high.

The extremes of this world leave a dark heart upon those that see it as it is.

Boy with prose like that I could write Vogon poetry.

I think I’d rather listen to your 12-book epic entitled “My Favourite Bathtime Gurgles”… :smiley:

See above…

Damn. I did read that…I have such a short attention span these days lol