Getting back into 3D printing

After about 2 years of not printing basically anything at all, I am trying to get back into back into printing as a hobby.

Long story short, due to either losing some passion for it (I did it for work for a bit), and/or moving twice, I find myself with nothing to print yet and feeling out of the loop while trying to get back into it.

Anywhoosle, I have two questions.

  1. What should my first project back be?
    FDM or Resin. Open to any suggestions, the more ridiculous the better.

  2. What have I missed in 2 years?
    Slicers, printer tech, materials?

Its funny to see you coming back to this mr sammach man. Im kinda in a simmilar situation where life got busy for me.

I still have been following the hobby, but now ive got 2 kids to keep me busy with aswell.

Now for the peanut butter and jelly of your question.

Fdm or resin? As you remember, FDM is sorta easier to pickup, though if you have the opportunity to try resin printing, i feel like it looks to offer prettier results. That being said theres more post work for resin printing.

Tech wise to assist with that question speed has been the highlight of improvements with newer fdm printers. Look up Bambulabs. Or Flsun v400. Prusa is massivly delayed on their XL printer which would also cost a pretty penny but did put out a MK 4, which is a slight improvement over their mk3, but i think it still has a bit to go before its “all” caught up to where it should be firmware wise. Look up Thomas Sandlanders review on the mk 4 to see what i mean by that.

Resin printer wise i havent gotten into it yet so cant really comment on improvements there.

Now for the cutting boards for our sandwhich. The slicers.

Cura 5.x and prusaslicer 2.6 have both had nice improvements. You should be happy with either or, based on your past expierence. The main kicker to note imo, is prusaslicer now hoa “organic” supports which is simmilar to tree supports. I havent tried it out much but would say its a happy improvement. There are a few other things in prusalicer like its easier to cut objects, and add holes/pins but i havent tried it yet. The other main improvement between the 2 slicers seems to be this math thing i think they call “archaine” point being with the power of better math the slicer to printer gcode is more efficent in flow and speed settings. As per my references Thomas Sandlander did a neat video highlighting how now 0.6mm nozzles are just as capable as 0.4mm due to this, and so yeah 0.6mm is the new 0.4mm.

As for neat prints… Idk i just do whatver perks my interests. Prusa has their own repository of files like thingivers and they are activly doing contests which drum up new ideas so penrhaps have a peek over there.

Anyway sorry for any spelling mistake but its nice to see you’re back.

OK, First things first., Welcome BACK!!! @TurkeyOnRye we missed you.

@Dr.Marvin unfortunately sir you are making me hungry. After this post will have to go raid the fridge.

OK serious side, I could not have said it any better than the Dr. He summed it up perfectly. One thing I could mention is the fact that the resin printers are right now looking like they are having better resolution than my LED Tv. 8K is normal now and 16K is on the horizon.

Good News? Bad News? Who knows, it’s just new stuff to pay attention to.

Ahaha I love the punny response @Dr.Marvin.
@Jason thanks for the welcome back!

Honestly, for what I do most of the time, 16k is wasted on me lol.

I’m trying to avoid the repositories actually! I like just designing and printing odd things along the way, more fun for me.

Thingiverse/Prusa are also black holes for me… So many things, so little time.

  1. I decided on some archery targets to pin on my target block.
  2. A custom socket organizer for the toolbox (it’s such a mess)