Hello all.
I’ve just installed Cura as a slicer for my CR10 S Pro. I’m used to using Simlify3D but now I’m a bit lost.
How do I get the print process started?
Regards, Caistor

I’ve never used Cura to actually print a file. That’s a bad idea in general. Usually, you would slice the file, then save the gcode to an SD card that you would put in the printer.

I believe I once saw an option to print in the Monitor tab at the top.

Be aware that printers require a stead stream of data that MUST be available when the printer needs it. If a printer is hooked up to a computer, that computer’s ability to stream data via USB will be impacted by a number of things:

  • the number of USB devices on the same USB buss as printer - only one device can send/receive at a time
  • any CPU intensive tasks operating on the host computer.
  • applying updates, intentionally or not, that affect task scheduling or USB operations or a host of other tasks that in one way or another tie up either the USB stack or the CPU such that the computer can’t have data ready when the printer needs it.

USB traditionally has a bad reputation as a means of supplying data to a 3D printer as it is not really a “real time” interface. That being said, if your computer is fast enough, isn’t been too heavily tasked and updates and sleep mode are turned off, you will probably be able to get away with it.

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I print directly from Cura, but I am using Octoprint. It sends the file to Octoprint/my raspberry pi, then over the the printer. It also lets me use the monitor tab in Cura to watch the print.
Since it’s on the pi, if I close Cura or the PC crashes it doesn’t affect the print.

I’ve never been able to print directly from Cura with a USB cable or similar. I’ve also had to load to an SD card, save the G-code to is then load it into the printer.

Thanks guys. I’ve taken your advice And I’m going to print via an SD card.