Giant Hotend Model For Teaching

Just saw this on Reddit:

over 3 ft tall!


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It’s good, but I don’t think it’s completely accurate - it looks like the heat break goes up to the pneumatic joint at the top of the heat sink and the PTFE tube goes into the heater block.

That might be considered a nit, but it can’t show how you can have problems when the PTFE tube doesn’t reach the end of the heat break and what the temperature profile looks across the height of the hot end. There will be problems, with this design, as the PTFE tube will melt during operation (especially working with higher temperature filaments) rendering the whole hot end useless in short order.

Sorry for being so negative, but spending 400 hours (over two weeks) and god knows how many spools of filament, you’d think they’d get it absolutely perfect.

You be right, the heat break is about twice as long as it should be.

Might be a bit more accurate not as large, but it could be scaled.

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