Glow in the dark filament

Is it worth it? Does it really work? I want to make a ice castle and thought it would be nice to give this a try…

Glow in the dark is great but it’s very abbrasive.


So I have heard. If I go ahead I see that 3DPC has both the filament and the Nozzles for it. (Shameless plug) :wink:

I love glow in the dark filament. It’s awesome for certain projects. Just be prepared for it to eat away at your nozzles, because of the active ingredient it’s super abrasive!

It’s worked surprisingly well for me. It seems like active ingredient on the MSDA sheet (at least the one I could get my hands on) for glow into the dark PLA’s is strontium aluminate. Which is the same used in most of those glowing plastic stars.

Just like those stars though, the glowing effect does wear away after a long while.

I have used it to print some special things for my Grandkids. What I used was not very bright unless it was very dark in the room but it did glow and they where happy to get the toys.

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It works quite well and many filaments have a pronounced glow. It eats brass nozzles! i use SS ones better. I don’t like the hardened it heats oddly and I never got a handle on them.

I have blue and red and they both work quite well, the blue glows longer than the red. No issues with printing.

Blue and red comparison.


Maybe it is just the photo but… It seems you loose a lot of details on the print when you turn of the lights. Wondering if this will suit my needs?

I didn’t expect that. So it prints in white but glows in a different colour? Interesting. I’ve never seen it before.

It prints white and is actually nice to print with. The pics are not that good but you do lose the appearance of some detail.
I want to play with some patterns that would only appear when glowing. I also want to see if I can blend the glow in the dark colours and see if different colours can be made -purple from red and blue. No real application that I can think of just interesting.

Much of what we see as detail stems from our brain’s ability to interpret shadow and light. We interpret that as relief. When an object is self-illuminating there are no shadows and without the sense of depth we lose some of the perceived detail. It’s a function of how the brain works and an inherent problem for glow-in-the-dark filament, regardless of brand or print quality.