Glue stick comparison

While not technically a part of a printer, I’m putting it in this category because it’s a consumable almost everyone uses at some point or another.

I was at Staples on Friday and they had the Elmer’s All Purpose glue stick side-by-side with the Staples store brand, so I decided to experiment with each on the new PolyCarbonate build plate (which I’m loving btw).

I’ll say one thing for both brands: the perfrormance of each is remarkably consistent. Can you guess which is which?


The one named Elmers Glue Stick is the elmers? :sunglasses: I believe Elmers and Uhu are PVA Staples (made in China) is a Polyvinyl Pyrrolidone it interesting has glycerine where Elmers does not. I wonder if that is the difference.

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Interesting about the glycerine. I bought them both because I assumed all glue sticks were essentially made from the same ingredients. When I realised the Staples brand wouldn’t hold the print no matter what bed temperature I used, I figured there had to be something different in the formulation.


I havent used glue sticks yet (just aquanet, and i tried magigoo but dont like the surface finish it leaves behind)

Its not surprising there are different “flavours” of gluesticks and why elmers seems to be the “go to” brand.

Thanks @LEGOManiac and @kitedemon for the insight.

Most are a variation on a basic PVA. This is typical white glue or school glue. bookbinders glue is almost pure. I have been meaning to try it on the X1 I just have not had time too. I use Pritt myself on the X1 the other printers don’t need it, just the crappy surface on the X1 does.

I’ve tried out a few glue sticks trying to nail down my favorite.

The biggest thing for me wound up being application smoothness, I really like how the Elmer’s ‘disappearing purple’ sticks work, I find it just applies to my glass a bit smoother and nice and evenly and the purple
colour helps see where you’ve missed; and it holds prints down well to boot!

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I have been roughly smearing some glue stick on the bed then using a wet shop towel to move it around and get an even coating. It works really well for me.

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