GMAX 2 by Gcreate for sale!

Our gMax 2 by gCreate is for sale. Located in downtown, Vancouver. Selling because we are no longer in need of it. Purchased during covid and shipped from New York from the makers. We got it because of the big build volume but don’t need it anymore, so it’s just been collecting dust. The machine itself is in perfect condition. The specs and pics are up, so message me if you are interested.

(5000 CAD)

Btw, scammers (as we’ve had several message and text us since we’ve posted this ad, don’t bother, I wasn’t born yesterday)

Build volume is 18" x 18" x 24"

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Hi there!

Looks like its in great shape! One thing you might want to add to your listing here is the price that you are looking to get for the printer. After years of selling computers and printers on kijiji, I have always found you get more responses if you list a set price for the printer.

Good luck with your sale!

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Oops, just put up the price!