Got Loads of Downloads?

So what’s your design most downloaded by others? Your STL most liked by everyone else? Mine is this little paracord shackle I put on Thingiverse in 2018, 1249 downloads.
You guys must have some cool stuff I need to know about…


My most liked and downloaded model is a pretty simple one… it’s this model of Kirby that I turned into a planter:
I’ve got the file up for download on both Thingiverse and Cults, and between the two sites I’ve had over 1,000 downloads since I posted it last November, which is way much more attention than any of my other designs have gotten :grin:


Noice! That’s a sweet looking design.

On Thingiverse my most popular thing is the Direct Drive mod for Anycubic Chiron.

On Cults3d it is

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Ah! That toolbox is yours! I saw that a while ago, thought it was pretty cool. That’s a solid design on the hotend too, makes my stuff look bush-league. Well done.

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Thanks! Revisions, revisions, revisions, I’m not a great CAD person so it can take a few iterations to get to these end designs. But that’s kinda the point is that someone who isn’t a pro can make.


KERBY!!! For the Win


So last night, like 12 hours ago, I remixed a blade for a linerlock on Thingiverse…914 downloads in 12 hours…the people are hungry for new PLA blades, it seems.

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