Greeblies on supports?

I’ve noticed on my last couple of prints that I’m getting some weird stringy greeblies growing on my support materials. It doesn’t seem to affect the print other than on the supports:

Any thoughts on what might be causing this?

@SpaceMoose a little more information. Is this a resin print ? or FDM?

It’s FDM. CR10s pro V2.

That is super strange. I expected it to be resin. I cannot think of anything that would so that. Grasping at straws, software issue? I would Hail Mary guess and replace it with different slicer or settings and see if it stays.

Guess I have never seen anything like it!

I’ve seen similar, It started with stringing, however, the final solution was to reduce temp 5 deg. Had a little nublet leftover that was basically running too hot and was oozing out of the nozzle just a hair.

I get it when I print the effile tower, a lot of retractions usually where I see it most.


That actually might be it. I forgot that I had to switch filament rolls mid print last week and it was a different brand than what I had on there I’ll try lowering the temp and see what happens on the next print. Thanks!

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Anytime, I get stumped and I call out randomly to one of the guys for a sanity check… lol


Well that seems to have been the problem. Current print is greeblie-free so far. Thanks again!

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No Problem, glad its working out for you.