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Hello everyone!

I love 3D printing and am currently working on a sketchy CoreXY adapted from the Tronxy x5sa pro… (This thing is a pain to mod)

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Jason Harding

Hello Samson,

Why is it Sketchy?

What makes is pain to mod? Rare parts?

Mr. Keith Guitar, 3DPC

Hi Keith,

Thanks for the insightful questions!

I think the reason why it is so sketchy is that the way it is wired is pretty weird. It runs off a 32 bit board but it’s locked to a Chinese marlin clone firmware and the board does not support a BL Touch. (huge dealbreaker for me) The board has wires going to another extension board so it’s going to be sketchy trying to adapt different connectors to each other since I’m doing a complete revamp with an SKR board.

I think the reason it is so hard to mod is because the TronXY community is smaller and there are less user made mods on websites such as Thingiverse and PrusaPrinters meaning that a lot of upgrades are going to have to be self designed and tested. In addition, the X5SA pro doesn’t run off standard T-Slot so creating adaptors and what not is going to be a challenge haha.

Wow that is a challenge!

I’ve seen where ppl have removed stock board and the Daughter boards. When upgrading to Aftermarket Control boards.

Just made a direct point to point wiring harness from Control board to the hotend / Steppers

Yeah, definitely. Although the stock board is 32bit, because of all the limitations, it’s kind of a shame to see it being stripped out. Although I’m sure I could reconfigure it as a CNC controller board or something that needs less perfection… (I love my BLtouchs…)

The wiring is going to be hard due to all the different connectors that are used to interface, I can only crimp so many connections at a time haha

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