Greetings from Minnesota

Hi all. I hope a guy from south of the border can join in. Relatively new to 3D printing. I’ve got a CR-M4 which is pretty decent. I’m a mentor with our local FIRST Robotics team and bought the printer to augment our 3D printing capabilities. Hopefully I can get it all sorted before we really get started with the upcoming build season.

Thanks in advance for any advice I might receive.

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Hi there, welcome aboard!

Anyone is more than welcome to join in no matter where in the world they are from! Do you have any examples of the robots your team has made that you could show?

See you around!

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Hi Matt,

Thanks. Here’s a you tube video from a couple of years ago showing a robot.

I am a CR M4 user myself. All and all a good printer. Happy printing to you.

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Hi @DaveR1

Truly welcome to the forum Sir, We have a few people on here from all over the globe. Glad you decided to join our little corner of the internet, Hope to see you often.


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Thankee sir. I’ll try to contribute although I’m pretty new to actually 3D printing and I doon’t use the same software everyone else seems to be using so I probably can’t help with the modeling end of things.

we were all new once upon a time. The only way to get better is to jump in. You would be surprised how quickly you go from the new one on the block to someone answering the questions because you have seen it before.

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