Halloween empty spool ideas

Hi everyone,

With Halloween upcoming I was thinking about some sort of decoration that could be made with my empty spools of filament.

The only really good idea I could come up with was doing some sort of clips that you could slot onto then in order to put faces on the front of the spool, then it could be staked into the lawn or something like that.

But I wanted to hear all of your opinions, I know we have some very creative minds in here and I would love to hear all of your ideas for Halloween decorations that could be made using empty spools. Or any other ideas you have for that matter!


Really good question, guess it would depend clear of black, Plastic or cardboard.

The scariest for me would be to spread them around the front yard and think each one is at least $20. Sends shudders down my spine… lol

Cannot wait to see the ideas that come back though.

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I think creative people could do a lot with empty spools!
My first thought would be creating some sort of lamp to use on Halloween night.
OR I’m sure you could rig up a turntable if you wanted to showcase all sides of your jackolatern…
OR stack a whole bunch of them up in the corner and use it as a candy shelf instead of a candy bowl…

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