Halloween gift! From me, to you! :p

Here’s a cute little bat key holder i made for halloween… :slight_smile:
Another dude made a very similar one, 10 hours before i release this one… :frowning: BUT! I think mine looks more friendly… :stuck_out_tongue: :laughing:

So here it is! 100% free, hope you like it!!! Don’t forget to follow my profile on cults! :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh @Pa1 that is cool! thank you for the gift! I think I will print one today or tomorrow!

I’ve downloaded it (thank you). My only critique of it, if I may, is that the back plate should have a universal back plate that it clips to rather than being mounted directly to the wall.

The problem with these types of prints is that they are overly seasonal. You’ll put it up at the beginning of October, and it will become out-of-place by mid-November. A common back-plate design would allow the quick replacement with Christmas themed set, which then gets replaced with a new-years set, then a Valentines’ set, Easter Set, Birthday set at some point, etc. etc.

I think you’d get far more traction with these if you made a common mounting method with quick-change special-interest keyholders.

Let’s see, what other themes can I think of…

Winter (Snowflakes, snowman with arms) Spring (Flowers that pop out of the bushes), Summer (Rising Sun or opening beach umbrella), Fall (Tree with green leaves that get overlayed with coloured ones), Thanksgiving (turkey popping out of the bushes), Hockey/Basketball/Baseball/Football playoff season related.

Then there’s the hobby related ones, or car logo themed. There’s tons of possibilities that people wouldn’t go for if they had to drill a hole in the wall for each one.

that’s an awesome idea Lego, Maybe a dovetail link or a French cleat