Halot Mage Pro / Elegoo Plant Based Grey Resin

I’m having some troouble configuring Lychee Slicer with the correct settings in order to use the Elegoo Plant-Based resin with my Halot Mage Pro. Could someone help me with those settings?
Thanks in advance.

What settings are you currently using? Elegoo advertises that you should be using 60s bottom layers and 8 second normal layers. But if this isn’t working for you, would you mind providing a little more detail on the problem you are having? Is it not sticking to the build plate or is there something else going on?


Actually I’m looking for a starting point. Lychee Slicer does not have a profile for the Elegoo Plant-based resin when used in the Halot Mage Pro. I’m trying to create one profile combining the profile that I already have for my Halot One Plus, the Lychee default resin profile for the Halot Mage Pro, the resin and halot mage specs.
I’m came up with the profile that is in the attached images but I would like to know if someone is already using one that is working.

I tryed print a model with those settings but the print failed. The model did not adhere to the build plate.

Ok, in that case try bumping it up to around 90s for the bottom layer and then up the bottom layer count to 5 or 6.

Whenever I use a new resin I usually go to a spreadsheet similar to this one, this will generally give me a good starting point for my machine. Then afterwards I can mess around with the settings more!