Hamilton Area Newbie

Hi, just got into 3D printing with my new Creality K1. Made a few things which have mostly turned out pretty good. Wondering if there is any interest in fellow makers meeting socially for coffee and just sharing ideas, projects, etc.?


Good Idea. Count me in, we can swarm a Timmies!

Great, do you know any other local guys who would be interested? I’m in Dundas.

Not sure of how many are local, give it a bit and see how many answer. Then we can collect emails.

Sounds good, are you in Hamilton?

Yes, on the flight path of Hamilton International Airport, lol.

Hopefully you don’t hear the planes too much! Mind if I ask how long you’ve been into 3D printing? I’m retired and started a couple of years ago with a cnc machine, then got into laser engraving and just a couple of weeks ago bought the K1. I like to make all sorts of things and like to challenge myself by constantly learning new things.

So glad you suggested this. I’d love to join. I’m a newbie too. I’ve played around with a printer a bit but haven’t purchased one yet. Thanks

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You’re welcome. Waiting to hear from some others.

Ancaster here….

Hi, are you in interested in meeting for a coffee somewhere to chat about projects, ideas, etc.?

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I certainly would if you lived in Hamilton Ohio.

Hey Hi!!!
I’m in Stoney Creek.

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Just out of curiosity, when would everyone be interested in meeting?
Any particular time?

  • Weeknight 6pm Onward
  • Saturday Morning
  • Saturday Afternoon
  • Other?

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Just in the beginning stages, seeing if there is any interest, nothing formal. Maybe people could give a little background on 3d printing experience.

Knowing most people still work (I am retired) so I opted for the Saturday afternoon. Willing to meet/chat at most times but preferably morning or afternoons.

Brampton here been into 3D printing about two years not to up on all the tech stuff but have my son to fall back on he’s my go to. Along with the guys here. Got my first Anycubic son made it a maga or something but got an Anycubic kobra 2 pro at Christmas so back in the learning curve again. I’m an artist sculptor most art so 3D is art to me .