Has any1 used SainSmart's CF-Nylon?

I am looking into designing some LED Light Fixtures with a CF-Nylon filament. I found a filament that I really liked but the dimensions may not fit inside of a PrintDry box & the CF-Nylon by SainSmart is roughly 30$ less per KG. So I am wondering if any1 has tried printing with it


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I print with nylons nylon carbon fibers etc and I love sainsmart TPU it’s the only one I use. I would love to try their nylon CF I had no idea they made some

Im with you PJ, that I would try, the $100/kg of Tallman is a little out of my $ range

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Right on, yeah, I have to searching up different CF-Nylons. It can be tricky trying to figure out the actual manufacturers differences they’re all about 80% Nylon 20% CF. Besides that I don’t know how to tell the differences

I’ll let you know, I may try it :slight_smile:

I’ve been waiting to try it. I have been using the 3d Printing Canada CF PETG for a few months. It is outstanding material, but it’s not nylon. I do use Sainsmart PA Nylon with excellent results at 250/70, 0% fan and PVA stick on a glass bed. Open frame w/o chamber. Nylon is the cats a$$!

I just finished printing this Petsfang duct (for my Ender 3) on my Ender 5 using the CF PETG at .2mm, 240/75 and I’m pretty pleased with the result!

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Thats a super clean print, nice job

Awesome work there, Endernomics! That’s really cool, I am excited to start working with CF Nylon soon :slight_smile: I wonder if 3D Printing Canada’s got plans of making their own spools :wink: