Has printing for friends/family consumed all your machine time?

Does anyone else have friends or family that load them up with 3d printing work and they have no clue how long things take to print? So much so, that you don’t have any more time to print anything for yourself?

What techniques do you use to deflect or delay the work?

How did you handle the situations?

The worst part is when you have a print failure and it consumes 2-3x more time than it should.

-The struggles of a 3d printer owner.

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LOL, poor Joel

I got a printer for my wife, now she prints all of that stuff and I don’t have to deal with it.


Customers have priority over my own prints and lately that means not much for my projects. It’s good for the wallet, not so much for personal prints. Need more printers but not really much room.


Jason, the only thing I could give my wife is a Picture of the printer, she might manage that!! LOL
I do find hard to tell people how much it would cost because we all know the times it takes by the time it is designed then printed plus material and of course the re-print in some cases!!

For me it is a hobby. Any time the wife, friends, family ask me to make and print something I am in heaven. Never enough time to encourage them all to think outside the box. I even go and print something I think they would like, just to be active with the machine.

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LOL I’m a photographer a number of times I have been volunteered to photograph a wedding. I do on occasion agree but send a ‘bill’ broken down like I normally would all the costs and then have the ‘discount’ cover the cost. it does server to demonstrate how big a ask it is, family is one thing but friends of family is too much. They now understand how much they are giving away. I started doing the same with 3d prints my local shop offers a service and have a clear breakdown of costs. I just use their pricing to demonstrate how much they are asking for.

The message its not a problem I’ll help but don’t asked all the time.