Having issues with liquid in my prints

Hi all,

Tried printing out a larger model on my Creality LD-002H with a hollow inside to save on the amount of resin, after I printed and washed it I realized that there was liquid inside of the print but couldn’t find a hole anywhere. After putting it in to cure for about 10 minutes I noticed the liquid started to become a white colour inside the model and was oozing out somehow and become a rubber-like material stuck to the outside. When I was done I cleaned it off with paper towel and let it sit for a day and when I came back it had cracked along the bottom and any liquid that was inside was all over my desk.

I just tried to print the same model again at a reduced size and still hollow, but I can’t tell right now if it still has some liquid in it or not as it just finished and I have placed it to get washed.

Wondering if anyone else has run into this problem or if there is something incorrect with how I am setting up the files. I will attach a link to a OneDrive folder with the two completed slices for reference and will update with what happens with the smaller print. Any assistance would be appreciated.


Resin prints require drain holes. Science keeps the object filled with resin :slight_smile:


Thanks frozenrc, I will take a look into placing some drain holes on my model and see if that helps.

Update: My second print also contained liquid, so I am going to try the drain holes next time.

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Drain holes are essential, two per void area, I use 3mm in base area, and some smaller 2mm in smaller void areas. I learned the importance of holes after using a transparent resin and was shocked how much resin is typically trapped.
I modeled some 2mm and 3mm plugs, batches of 10 which I print on empty area of the bed.

If you don’t add drain holes you will notice my failures due to suction force when printing hollow models.

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Also hollow prints can create a suction effect when it pulls off the FEP kind of like a suction cup which can result in some deformation. If possible you should put a vent hole at the top of the print as well to try and reduce that. Chitubox will create the caps for you to stick back in the holes once everything is drained and cured. This really depends on if the model can support a hole in the top.

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